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BodyWise Injury and Rehab practitioners are fully insured and DBS checked.

Dan Dobell B.Ost
Osteopath and Sports Therapist
Owner of BodyWise Injury and Rehab

From a young age I have been fascinated with the human body, how it works and how it can go wrong. The human body is possibly the most complex organism on the planet, who isn't intrigued by how it works?!

I come from a sporting background and like most I have had my fair share of injuries and pains which introduced me to Sports Therapy. I completed a Level 5 diploma in advanced Sports Therapy in 2012, although, over the next few years I realised there was so much more I could do to treat my patients which led me to study Osteopathy at the College of Osteopaths (Staffordshire University). Since graduating in 2021 with a B.Ost in Osteopathy, I have realised that there will always be more to learn and I am eager to continue doing so throughout my career.


I have worked with numerous sporting teams over the years ranging from football, rugby union, rugby league, kickboxing, running and athletics teams, as well as in private practice in North Staffordshire helping a wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds recover from pain.

I created BodyWise in November 2019. It is named as such because my aim is to improve people's understanding of their body to prevent injuries and encourage healing when they do happen! Its been a journey so far, the Coronavirus pandemic has lead to me having to close the clinic 3 times but I continue to battle against the tide.

When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my family, I have recently become a father to a little boy and I'm loving watching him develop. In the past few years my focus has been so much onto Osteopathy, my family and work that my hobbies have taken a back seat.... literally, so I am hoping to begin running/football again with any free time I can get (if there ever is any).  

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